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 " The Lord of The Rings Adoption!"
By Connected 2 Christ Graphics 

My name is Erin. I am the artist on this website.
There are a few rules to this adoption:

To Qualify to Adopt, You:
1. *Must have a web site ~ personal or commercial
(complete site, not under construction)
2.*Must be family-friendly, viewable by all ages.
3.*Must give appropriate credit to copyrighted materials.
4.*Must have the No Right-Click script installed on the page you plan to put my adoptables on.
5.*Most of all, must NEVER have any altered materials or
anything plagiarized by you or by another person.
By this, I am referring to original graphics not photos.

6.You must be able to upload (ftp) to your page or files.
7. The adoption certificate must be linked back to this page:

8.Sign my guest book to let me know you were here. 

Fill out the form and if your site is acceptable 
I will send  you whomever you've adopted. Oh, and don't forget to grab a adoption certificate below! :) 

Awards To Win

If you'd like to win this award,
 fill out the form below and
  I'll let you know if you've won! 

A few simple guide lines to win 
either of these awards are as follows;

1. You must have a website! 
2. You must give credit to others work.
3. Your web page must be kid safe
4. Your page must be creative and original! 
5. You must link the award back to this page :)

~*~One Ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, ~*~
~*~one ring to bring the all and in the darkness bind them~*~

*NEW*A Ring Wraith * Gollum

The Hobbits

Bilbo Baggins *Frodo Baggins *  Samwise Gamgee  Pippin Took *  Merry Brandybuck 

*Gandalf the Grey*Gimli the Dwarf * Legolas Greenleaf * Boromir * 

Three Lovely Ladies

* Galadriel * Eowyn * Arwen 

Elrond * Aragorn

Adoption/Award Form

What is your name?
What is your age?

What is your e-mail?

What's your web page url?

What's your website name?

A brief description of your website:

How did you find this site?

Who is your favorite LOTR character?

Who are you adopting or are you requesting the award?

Any comments/suggestions?

You can use either one of these adoption certificates
Link to: 
Images not affiliated with the The Lord of The Rings-J.R Tolkien
These images were created by Erin Carter and are soul propertyŠ
Using these graphics requires a link back to this site
This page updated: 04/06/04
This page created: Monday, June 9, 2003