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Connected2Christ Custom Made Graphics

*Payment in the form of check or money order. Make payment out to Erin Lowmaster. Thank you. 

Before I will begin on any project, I require a down payment of 50% of the total quoted price. Once work has begun, you will receive a preview mid way through the project for your approval. Once your have approved the initial work and I complete your order, you will be contacted for the rest of the payment. Full payment must be received by me within 2 weeks of your notification that your project has been completed. If payment is not received within the required time, you will loose any claim to the work and it will be placed in either my link ware section or my custom work for sale. Please note that in cases of non payment of the total price, you also forfeit your down payment.

No image may be altered in any way. They also may not be manipulated to create another images, except by me. C2C Graphics images may not be included in any collections for distribution of any kind, this also includes either on-line or any other electronic media. I reserve and retain all original rights and copyrights to all designs unless otherwise stated in your contract. Your site must also provide credit and a link back to my main page.

I have drawn up a list of questions that may help you determine the type of work you require.
Please make sure to go through the list carefully and know exactly what you want before contacting C2C Graphics.

Please, include the answers to the following questions when you contact C2C Graphics about designing an image for you.

Thank you,

Erin L. Lowmaster

    Original Custom Logos or Graphics:
    1.) Theme of the image to be created
    2.) Text to appear on the image if any...
    3.) Size and colors
    4.) List of what the image is to be used for. If it is to be only a logo for a web site, 
    the URL would help ensure that the image would be appropriate for the web site.


Erin Lowmaster/Connected2Christ Copyright 2001-2007